The first edition

Human Library NL originally started in Groningen (2014). The first edition took place in the Groninger Forum. Since 2017 we also organize Human Libraries in other cities, with the support of Europe Direct. 

Europe Direct

Europe Direct brings European policies closer to the people. In this case it is about respect for diversity. We live in Europe together with a lot of different people, without knowing much of each other sometimes. With the Human Library people come closer together. 


Human Library NL is licensed by the Human Library Organization to organize the event, based on the original concept and strict quality norms. For example, on beforehand there is a training for all books and volunteers and we make a catalogue. We also pay extra attention to safety: for example, all human books "need to be returned in the same physical and mental state". Read here more about our methodology.  

The origin

The concept of the Human Library was originally developed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the year 2000. The first edition took place at the festival Roskilde and it was organized by a group of young people. One of them was stabbed in 1993, while they were going out (luckily he survived it). Together, they decided to do something about violence in the society. And so the organization 'Stop the Violence' and eventually the Human Library Organization came into being. Please read here more about the history.  


In the meantime, editions took place in Groningen, Maastricht, Apeldoorn, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Almere, Middelburg en Alkmaar. Please find here a report about each edition.


For more information, please contact us.