Impact Study


Master thesis Psychology about the human library

Near the end of 2017 Anna Handke (Master student Psychology) finished her research of the Human Library, based on the Human Library in Groningen on 17 June 2017. As she indicates in her thesis, it is the first scientific research on the impact of the Human Library. Currently, Human Libraries are taking place in more than 80 countries across the world, so the outcomes are of great importance. 

The research specifically explored the question whether the visitors' attitudes towards the minority group, with whom they had contact, improved after the conversation. A number of 87 visitors were questioned, in three parts: on beforehand, directly afterwards and one month later. 

In general this study offers powerful support for the final goal of the Human Library. Already a short, voluntary conversation can change people’s presentation of minority groups. Concluding, it can be stated that visiting a Human Library can be very useful to improve inter-group relations in our society. Important notes are the quality of the conversation and the motivation of the visitor. In the end, the study promotes the slogan of the Human Library: 'Don’t judge a book by its cover'. 

Download the full study here. 

Please see underneath some photos of the tested edition in Groningen.